Is This Where We Are Heading?

The malignant political environment we live in today is not unlike that which I described in my book, “Where Freedom Reigns.” In my story, the hostility between liberals and conservatives ultimately led to the Second Civil War, which resulted in a horrific battle I described thusly:

“And so it came. Softly, with a deceptive innocence about it that belied its sinister purpose, a faint rumbling sound penetrated the stillness, muted at first, but gradually growing louder and louder, until it became so powerful, so profoundly visceral, that it might have been God’s chair sliding across the floor of heaven. Simultaneously, the ground began to shake, sending tiny pebbles dancing across hard-packed soil, while sagebrush branches trembled in timid harmony. At last, the veil of night released its grip upon the world, and a pastel wash of pink and yellow crept slowly over the horizon, like watercolors seeping up a celestial blotter. And the final act of the battle for Colorado began. With an unstoppable sense of purpose, a long, low line of main battle tanks began their westward advance, silhouetted against the thin, red dawn, gathering speed as they went. They swept across the plains in a symphony of shock and awe until at last, in a thunderous collision of an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object, the two armies crashed headlong into each other. And the innocent pawns of lesser kings began to die, while high overhead, angels wept.”

Excerpt from Where Freedom Reigns

American M1 Abrams
Where Freedom Reigns
RAR Clouston
R.A.R. Clouston

R.A.R. Clouston is a retired corporate executive whose career as a business professional has included roles as the president and CEO of several international consumer products companies. He has also been a guest lecturer at a number of graduate business schools in the United States and Canada; however, his passion has always been writing.